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How much does dental work cost in Turkey?

Prices for dental treatments in Turkey have a very wide range of costs depending on the procedures and treatments you are getting. You can follow up with our price page to learn more about what our clinic can offer.

Is dental work safe to get in Turkey?

Absolutely, our dental procedures are done by two outstanding dentists here in Istanbul who have the same level of experience as any modern western dentist. Our dentists have over 10 years of experience with aesthetic dental procedures.

Do you provide anything outside of the procedure?

We are a health tourism company providing the best of care through top tier clinics and other amenities. We don’t just cover the procedure in the cost of your travel, but we also save you the worry of planning a hotel or transportation after landing from your flight. We will book you into a high class hotel as well as schedule all your travel in Istanbul with our VIP transportation service.

Do I need a visa to travel to Istanbul, Turkey?

No, the visa travel requirement no longer applies. Anyone who is coming to Istanbul for touristic purposes are no longer required to apply for an electronic visa.

Where are you located?

Our corporate office is located in the Levent district of Istanbul on the European side of the Bosphorus sea. You can find the exact location listed in the About section of this website.

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