About Dr. Özgün Günay

Özgün GÜNAY was born in Edirne. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Edirne. She graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 2012. He continued his undergraduate education in the department of "oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery" at Bezmialem University, and completed it in 2017 and received the title of "specialist".


Ege University 2012

Republic of Turkey Bezmialem Vakıf University 2019

Job Experience

Dental Clinic (proprietary) 2012 - 2013

Moss Dental 2013-2015

Diş Levent 2013 - Present

Dent X 2017 - Present

European Dental Polyclinic: General Dentist 2019 - Present

Professional achivements & Certificates

24th International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2019

Turkish Society of Oral Implantology 15th International Scientific Congress, 2019

Astra EV Guided Surgery, 2019

14. Aegean Region Chambers of Dentist International Scientific Congress and Exhibition

Ridge Splitting in Narrow Alveolar Ridge, 2018

Current Dental Approach to Oral Cavity Cancers, 2016

Turkish Society of Oral Implantology 17. International Scientific Congress, 2016

Animal Use In Experimental Research Course, 2016

Turkish Society of Oral Implantology 17th International Scientific Congress, 2016

20th International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress, 2016

Practical Implantology, 2015

Craniofacial Surgery, 2015

TAOMS 22nd Internatıonal Scientific Congress, 2015

Certificate Program for Communication Body Language & Career Management, 2009

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